It’s All About the Cake

Psst!  What to know the best kept wedding secret?
Next to the honeymoon, choosing your cake is the best part!  There is only one rule: Indulge!

Forget about your wedding diet and fitting into a form-fitting dress. Worry about that tomorrow. Have fun and enjoy sampling flavors for cake, filling, icing and edible decor while you decide on style.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when shopping for a wedding cake.

Don’t limit your taste testing to just one baker. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the strawberry filling at one bakery is quite different than the one across town. Ask about the variety of fillings available.  More and more choices – healthy choices, too — are popular these days. If you decide on  multi-layers with different fillings, make sure that the transition from one layer to the next will not overpower the taste buds.

You can’t go wrong with the traditional tiered white-iced cake which reflects the theme of the wedding in decoration and accent colors. If you want something unique or that demonstrates your personality, go for it.  It’s easier to choose a style if you have something in mind, but browsing through your baker’s view book will help you confirm a decision on style, shape and size.

Size and Budget
Wedding cakes can be a significant part of the wedding budget. Keep cost in mind when you decide on the style, shape and size. Rely on the experience of your baker to help you choose the right size for your guest list. One of the first questions a wedding cake specialist will ask is, “How many guests are you planning to serve?”

Specialty Cakes for Special Diets
Yes, gluten-free wedding cakes that look and taste good are available. Be sure to taste a sample and trust the advice of your baker. Remember that gluten-free may affect the type of cake design. For alternatives to the traditional high-calorie, rich tasting cake and to provide your guests with an healthier option, consider flourless chocolate cake for the groom’s cake.

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