Flower Power

What’s a wedding without flowers?  Whether a ceremony in your backyard or a lavish Italian cathedral, flowers are a beautiful tradition well worth including in your plans and budget.

Budgeting is a good place to start when considering flower arrangements for the church, reception, attendants and of course, the bridal bouquet.  Just as other aspects of your wedding ceremony complement the day’s theme, colors and style, flowers are not the exception.

Consider your venue before making a final decision about flowers as decorations. If your backyard wedding is in a garden filled with roses or daisies, you already have a floral décor. Rented palms would do well for a beach wedding, framing the wedding party. The ambiance of churches, chapels and some hotel settings may also be appropriate with no extra flowers or only a few arrangements near the altar area. Remember, as you walk down the aisle all eyes are on the bride – not the flowers lining that aisle.

A single rose or lily, a bunch of daisies, a poinsettia bouquet in the winter, a mixture of flowers of similar or different colors… the choices for bridal and bridesmaid bouquets are limitless. Choose flowers you like, that have special meaning for your and your groom.  Start with one or two of the colors that complement wedding party attire and your dress. Be guided by the advice of your florist or gardener. If you insist on unseasonal flowers, for example, there is a good chance your budget will take a hard hit. An experienced florist will work within your financial framework and bring creativity and imagination to your floral wishes.

If your ceremony and reception are in different places, make arrangements to have the ceremonial flowers brought to the reception. Table flowers are always a nice touch, but keep them simple.  Allow your guests to easily see one another and you as they gather around their tables.

What’s the best flower advice? Consider budget, venue, theme, and color.  Then choose what you like!

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