Bridesmaids Shine When They Look Their Best

The big day is on the calendar.  Your friends and family have agreed to be your Bridesmaids.  What is the next step?

The dresses of course! Though all eyes will be on the Bride, your Bridesmaids have an important supporting role and you want them to dress the part.  Deciding which of the many colors and styles to choose will be challenging; your Bridesmaids will be various sizes and body types, and they will all have their own opinions of what will look good.

Here are ideas to make the task easier:

Your Bridesmaids’ dresses should match or complement your overall color scheme.  Perhaps you love midnight blue, or prefer a pastel palette. Deciding your overall color in advance will narrow down your dress choices greatly. Consider your bridesmaid’s coloring, too.  A light pastel on a pale blonde might fade into the background. You can’t go wrong with deep, rich colors – they complement the majority of skin colors.

 Tip:  Don’t pick colors that will clash with your surroundings or make your Bridesmaids look ill.

While they shouldn’t match perfectly, generally the style of your Bridesmaids’ dresses will match the style of your wedding dress.  For example, if you go long and formal, your bridesmaid dresses should match the formality and length of your dress.  Take the season in consideration. Lightweight fabrics are perfect for spring and summer while heavier fabrics are more appropriate for fall and winter.

Tip: Don’t make your Bridesmaids wear something you wouldn’t wear.  Leave the prom looks and costume wear for a more appropriate event.

Usually your Bridesmaids will pay for their own dress. Discuss the budget before you go shopping.  There are dresses in every price range, so you should have plenty to choose from. If the dress you love is more than everyone agreed on, consider making up the difference.

Tip: Most Bridesmaid dresses rarely do double duty. Don’t use the excuse “You’ll wear it again” to justify a higher cost.

If ordering from a bridal shop, remember it takes four to five months to order and alter a Bridesmaid dress.  You don’t want to have your first fitting the week before the big day!  If you’re having your dresses made, schedule your tailor leaving time for alterations and multiple fittings..

Tip: If your attendants are in different cities, ordering from an exclusive local shop might not be the way to go. Pick a bridal shop that is part of a national chain.  They can make sure the fabric comes from the same dye lot and that all dresses deliver at the same time.

The bride has the final say on what her Bridesmaids wear.  But a true friend will want everyone to look fabulous and feel comfortable.  Your Bridesmaids will thank you for your thoughtfulness with genuine smiles on your special day!

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