Glamorous Wedding Entertaining

By: Mary Sharp

Signature cocktail

Make your day memorable and easy at the same time.  Create a signature cocktail that will satisfy the masses and serve it in pitchers on each table.  This will keep the line shorter at the bar and save money on alcohol.  The same is true if you are having a non-alcoholic event.  Use antique and etched glass pitchers to serve mocktails that even your most critical aunt will love. 

Strawberry Cocktail

Strawberry Lemonade


Triple Sec


Sparkling Water

Lime Juice

(For mocktail, leave out
the alcohol)

Fresh off the Grill 

Grilled anything is the perfect wedding food for lunch or dinner.  Shrimp with a side of cous cous is light and filling.  Be careful not to serve heavy foods at your wedding.  Keep your guests and your fare light. 

A Second Option

Another light and tasty grilled favorite is blackened scallops on top a bed of spinach.  Always have two options for your guests.  A carb-free option has become very popular in the days of keto, fasting and lean and green diets!


Equally pretty and delicious, a salad is probably the most cost effective starter to a premium meal.  Make it colorful and tasty with different textures.  Here, we have arugula, strawberries, feta cheese and pecans. Mix with strawberry vinaigrette dressing and it pairs lovely with your signature cocktail. 

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