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Top Tips for Designing a Small Wedding

By: Claudia Hanlin

Freshly Set is an e-commerce service offering brides the opportunity to rent designer tabletop pieces for their small wedding or party.   “I created an opulent lakeside dinner, evoking a glamorous party that I imagined at a villa overlooking Lake Como.  I love the combination of pinks and burgundy, and the Penny Morrison linen evoked the handmade, informal and cheeky look I was going for.  An added bonus was the complex color combinations that challenged me and I think in the end worked really well! I wanted it to feel slightly homespun, complete with tarnished silver containers and (slightly) kitschy candle shades.”

Claudia’s Tips!

•  Throw out your pre-conceived design ideas that you might have for a big party. It’s the perfect opportunity to make it personal, not cookie cutter!

•  Think home entertaining: time to break out the fine linens, antique silver and heirloom china. Don’t have enough? No problem. Mix and match to make it super personal.

•  Individualize! Use place cards, hand write menu cards, leave a personal note at each place setting. Toast every guest!

•  Don’t skimp on flowers. This is not the time for a DIY project. Hire your dream designer and get a few lush centerpieces.

•  Make it comfortable. If it’s outside, make sure you have cozy blankets available or pashminas, pillows and a few fire pits.

• Don’t forget pacing. You might not have a planner, maitre d’ or band leader to keep the party going.  Have someone watch the clock and keep the timing and pacing lively.  We like having a little surprise or “moment” every half hour or so. (This could be a toast, cake cutting, tequila shots, first dance or sparklers).  Make it fun!

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