The Difference Between Looking Good & WOW

brideWhether you order your wedding finery months in advance from a Bridal Shop or you decide to wear an heirloom dress, you can get a customized fit by having it properly tailored. Few people look perfect in clothing right off the hanger so plan enough time before the event to get your clothes custom fitted to your body specifications.  You’ll be sure to look your very best!

It is much easier to take your dress in than to let it out.  Buy your outfit close to your size, but if in doubt, go up a size. Even if you are planning to lose weight, don’t take a chance.  If you go up much more than one size, the tailor may have to take apart the entire garment and remake it, which will add considerably to the price.

Tailoring is especially important if you are a special size.  Perhaps your top is bigger than your bottom, or you are generously proportioned, but short in stature. An expert tailor can make the alterations you need to get the perfect fit.

To alter the look of a gently used or heirloom dress or customize an inexpensive retail dress, consult the best alteration specialist you can find. With care, patience and experience, she can take off sleeves, shorten trains, add embellishments and do other alterations that will make your dress one of a kind.

A talented tailor can alter any garment to give you a customized look that flatters your body.  Just remember that expert alterations are not inexpensive and you will get what you pay for.  The lowest price you can find is probably not a bargain.

Choose a tailor that’s right for you.  When you look beautiful, you’ll feel beautiful too!

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