Bouquets To Match Your Wedding Style

Your bouquets and flower arrangements should tie into your wedding style. Although most people choose flowers based on color, certain bouquets reflect your style. When trying to convey style through flowers, give thought to their characteristics:  is the texture soft and delicate, or edgy and bold?  Is the coloring romantic and pale, or vivid and lively?  Will they make arrangements lush and flowing, or lighter and more playful?

Nothing says love more than roses.  The classic round shape of this bouquet is sophisticated with its flowers tightly bound. This bouquet says glamorous, especially with the look of stunning flowers in colors that make an impact.

Nosegay bouquets are smaller and tighter than statement bouquets with nothing sticking out of their perfect circles. They are romantic, yet inspire a vintage feel. For winter wonderland weddings, Calla Lilies are a popular choice, followed by avalanche roses, delphiniums and hydrangeas.

Cascading bouquets are versatile, chic and elegant. With its trailing look, the cascade adds color, texture, drama and a sense of occasion to your wedding day. Traditional waterfall bouquets can bring up a more formal vibe, whereas voluminous cascade arrangements are stylish, elegant and flattering. By blending your individual mix of roses, hydrangeas, carnations, orchids and calla lilies, cascades offer beautiful flowers in white, ivory, pale blush pink, champagne and cream.

The classic style bouquet of loose hand tied flowers with exposed stems reflects a relaxed, casual style that is great for outdoor weddings, whether on the beach or in a rustic setting.  The aim is a natural, fresh look that incorporates color. Flowers that work well with the classic look include wax flower, veronica, eryngium and garden roses. This style of bouquet is about celebration and usually showcases bold shapes in upbeat, punchy colors such as bright pink, blue, orange, purple, yellow and green.  This wedding style celebrates individuality and creativity so the possibilities are endless.

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