Design Your Cake and Eat It, Too!

A wedding needs a bride, A groom And a fabulous cake! Everything else is just extra icing.

The wedding cake is central to the post-vow reception. Not only does it serve as a focal point for the decorations and theme, it is also vital to the memories and glorious photographs that it inspires.  Imagine if you did not have a photo of you and your new spouse cutting that first piece of cake? Without a cake, you would disappoint youngsters, grandmothers and everyone in between who can’t wait to satisfy that sweet tooth. More than just a ritual, cutting the wedding cake is also a signal that the reception is soon to end and the honeymoon is soon to begin.

Your guests may not remember the wedding gown that you spent months selecting, but they will remember how delicious – or dry – your wedding cake tasted.

Cake specialists suggest that you choose a cake that looks great, reflects you and the  theme of your wedding, and tastes delicious. So delicious that your guests will want to take an “extra” piece or two home with them.

By now, you have probably heard that anything goes in wedding planning. That definitely applies to cake selection. As with your wedding dress, you can’t go wrong with the customary white cake decorated with accent colors, fresh flowers, or traditional bride and groom cake toppers. But if you’re looking to wow your guests with something unique, consider trying unusual color combinations or working with a designer to recreate a life moment. Some wedding cakes depict a scene from the happy couple’s first movie date or illustrate their favorite song.

Before you start the design and tasting process, familiarize yourself with different cake styles and the current trends. A birch cake is made to look like a birch tree with woodgrain textures. Chandelier cakes utilize an upside down format with the largest tier of cake at the top.  Confetti cakes feature edible, colored confetti on, around and inside the cake.

Current Trends Combine Simple and Contemporary Elements:

Sugar Flowers – Whether fashioned to include one statement flower or various flowers, buds, leaves or berries, these can be made in any color, shape or size. 

Edible Lace – A bride can choose to incorporate fabric and lace patterns reflecting her dress.

Ruffles and Frills – These edible additions add texture and interest while offering a unique elegance.

Metallics – For a more regal look, add gold or silver leaves, a golden sheen, or edible sequins.

Buttercream Cakes – This all time favorite is  back in style thanks to new techniques, which allow for texture, patterns and colors in buttercream for a relaxed cake design.

Hand-painted cakes –  Varieties of this cake include handpainted floral designs matching the theme and color scheme of the wedding.  If you want something unique and artistic, have a memorable scene painted on the cake.

Cake Trios – A set of three cakes provide options for size, color and shape, as well as the opportunity to offer a traditional cake along with a gluten-free or vegan alternative.

Chalkboard Cakes – This trendy design give the couple a platform to highlight their personal vows or message.


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