Wherever Your Heart Takes You


Wedding sign on dock

Photo by Bri Johnson Photography

  • Start with the Web. It’s a goldmine of
    valuable information! Here you can
    research legal requirements anywhere in
    the world, find great deals in travel and
    hotels, and get great ideas of where to
    have your destination wedding.

  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed about
    trying to find that perfect spot, contact a
    local travel agent. They have valuable
    resources and will find you the best deal.
    They will make all travel arrangements –
    but keep in mind you’ll be paying for
    their service.

  • Give your guests plenty of notice.
    Bear in mind that they will also need to
    budget, make arrangements to leave
    home, factor in time off of work, and
    obtain passports if needed. Some guests
    may be able to find last-minute deals on
    airfare, but suggest they book flights
    ahead of time to make sure they won’t
    miss the special day.

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