Honeymoon Delight: Planning Your First Days as Newlyweds

The party’s over. You and your spouse are heading out the door for the long-awaited honeymoon to ______?  Where will you celebrate the start of your life together as husband and wife?

Dreaming about your honeymoon is magical.  Choosing a destination and planning the trip will add to the joy.  Here is an opportunity for the two of you to experience an enchanted vacation you will remember a lifetime.

Before you narrow down your honeymoon choices, consider the type of destination you are looking for – traditional and relaxing with couple massages and candlelight meals, adventurous with days of skiing or rock climbing, a cruise to the Caribbean for scuba diving, or a journey to a far-away city that you both want to visit for the first time. If you are planning a destination wedding, you are probably where you want to be already – just make sure that your guests head home so you can have time by yourselves.

It’s a good idea to consult a travel agent for suggestions and travel packages that will save you money. You will also benefit from the agent’s experience and knowledge of the best hotels, the dining places, side excursions, and transportation there and back home safely. Search out travel agents who specialize in honeymoons.  Every detail will be planned for you. You won’t have to worry about anything except each other.

Package honeymoons, such as an all-inclusive cruise or a stay at a honeymoon resort can save you time and money. These choices may offer extras such as breakfast in bed, dinner on the beach or a free round of golf on a PGA course. Some resorts also offer significant savings if you travel back to celebrate anniversaries.

If you live near a port city, a cruise may be your most economical choice. Just about everything is paid for in your cruise fee and if you are close by, you won’t have to budget for other travel costs.

Some couples may wish to include a honeymoon registry with their wedding registry. Wedding guests, usually your relatives, may be inspired to gift you an airline ticket, hotel room for a night or two, or a gourmet dinner. Check with your travel agent, cruise line or resort concierge for additional information on establishing a honeymoon registry.

If you decide to go it alone in planning the honeymoon, keep these guidelines in mind:

• Create a budget

• Define the get away you want

• Consider transportation, climate,

and political situations.

• Will you need a passport?

• Vaccinations?

• Consider travel insurance

As you pack for your honeymoon remember medications that may help you overcome airsickness, motion sickness, or allergies caused by climate changes.  Downloading Apps on your smartphone focusing on money conversion, translation programs, and city guides may also be beneficial.

Know where you want to go and make sure your destination has everything you need for a romantic start to your new life.  Enjoy making lasting memories on this special occasion.

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