Finding the Perfect Wedding Favor

Given in appreciation for sharing the bride and groom’s special day, wedding favors range from the simplest of tokens to the most extravagant of gestures. Whatever you choose, your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Are you known for something in particular? Give a favor that represents you as a couple. A small book of poems from the book lovers, a customized spice blend from the gourmands, a package of seeds from the gardeners or a small action figure from the couple who bonded over a Star Wars movie. Wrap it up with a bow and add a “thank you” card for the perfect finishing touch. Your guests will take one look and smile because it is so “you.”

Something personalized with your names and the date of your ceremony is always a lovely thank you.

Picture frames, key chains, corkscrews, hand lotion, pens and candle holders are all popular and useful items that will remind guests of your wedding.

Destination weddings open up a whole category of fabulous favors. A ticket to a local event in a beautiful envelope, a t-shirt commemorating your wedding in a bag matching your wedding colors, a handful of picture postcards with a personalized pen, or a yummy local product gussied up with a ribbon are wonderful keepsakes.

You could record a CD of favorite songs that remind your guests of you every time they listen to it. CD labels with your engagement picture and wedding date will add a personal touch.

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